The Story Behind Hungry Drea




I'm Andrea (Drea) and I've been making boards for my family and friends for a few years. They would always encourage me to do this as a business, but I had a full time job and just didn't see how that would be possible. But it was always on my mind.

When Covid hit I found myself out of a job, my last day of work was March 11th, 2020. Now I had nothing but time! 😆 With a lot of encouragement from my husband and from my comadre along with other family members, I took the leap!

This journey has been surreal! I thank God for blessing me with so many of you and I am still in awe of how quickly this has grown! It brings me so much joy to know my boxes and boards make your day/event better! I have had the honor of being part of birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, corporate events, etc!

I am working on a few projects and can't wait to share them with you all.